4-In-1 Clip Pen

SKU: IDEA-0411

With black, blue, red and green ink refills. Includes a carabiner-type clip which can attach to a lanyard.
Product Dimension:

California Ball Pen

SKU: IDEA-0910

Contains black German-manufactured ink.
Product Dimension:

Colorado Ball Pen

SKU: IDEA-0914

Contains black German-manufactured ink.
Sprayed metallic finish.
Product Dimension:

Skyline Ball Pen

SKU: IDEA-1007

These vibrant and stylish pens will add a touch of brightness to your stationary. It features a sprayed metallic plastic barrel with metal clip and rubber grip. Contains black German-manufactured ink.
Product Dimension:

Smooth Gel Pen

SKU: IDEA-1260

Contains special black gel ink for ultra-smooth effortless writing.

Sixpence Mini Pencil Set

SKU: IDEA-1478

Add a burst of colour to your designs and let your ideas run wild with this set of 6 colour pencils.
Product Dimension: 0.8cm x 4.6cm x 9.2cm.

Crazy Crayon Set

SKU: IDEA-1776

Product Dimension:

Nova Neck Ball Pen

SKU: IDEA-2090

Twist pen on a basic lanyard with easy-release clip
Product Dimension:

Comfy Ball Pen

SKU: IDEA-2120

Brighten up your stationary sets with these vibrant colourful and stylish promotional pens. It features a plastic pen ben barrel and clip, contains black German manufactured ink.
Product Dimension:

Lotus White Clip Ball Pen

SKU: IDEA-2265

Sleek and modern pen with plastic pen barrel
Contains black German-manufactured ink
Includes full-colour digital branding on white clip
Product Dimension:

Perla Pen

SKU: IDEA-2560

Contains black German-manufactured ink.
Product Dimension:

Duo Eraser And Sharpener

SKU: IDEA-3337

A uniquely designed dual purpose stationary must have. It features a 2-in-1 eraser and sharpener.
Product Dimension: 6cm (l) x 2.1cm (w) x 3cm (h)

Swirl Eraser

SKU: IDEA-55002

Size 5.3 ( l ) x 2.5 ( w ) x 1.2 ( h )
ABS and synthetic rubber

Doubleheader highlighter

SKU: IDEA-55011

Size 9 ( l ) x 2 ( w ) x 1 ( h )

Topaz Highlighter Ball Pen

SKU: IDEA-55020

Contains black German-manufactured ink

Avenger Ball Pen

SKU: IDEA-55024

Contains black German-manufactured ink