Transparent Manicure Set

SKU: IDEA-0013

Manicure set in a PVC transparent pouch.
Contents include
Tweezers, nail file, nail clipper, pusher and scissors
Product Dimension: 7cm X 10cm X 0.3cm

Gloss Compact Brush And Mirror

SKU: IDEA-0015

Folding compact mirror with brush
Product Dimension: 6.5cm Diameter
2.5 ( h ) x 6.5 ( dia )

Spruce 7 Piece Manicure Set

SKU: IDEA-0053

7-piece stainless steel manicure set in PU case
Product Dimension: 14.5cm X 6cm X 1.5cm

Frosty Mirror

SKU: IDEA-0760

7cm diameter.
Product Dimension:

Gorgeous Mirror

SKU: IDEA-3035

Make sure you never leave the house without this compact travel mirror which is always handy for when you need to touch up your make-up, ensuring you always looking great.
Product Dimension: 6.8cm x 6.4cm.

Trizone Pill Box

SKU: IDEA-3283

Pill case with 3 compartments
Product Dimension: 3.6cm x 6cm x 1.2cm

Bac-Away Hand Sanitizer

SKU: IDEA-5223

Ensure your hands are always clean and free from germs with this convenient and compact hand sanitizer gel.
Product Dimension: 6.7cm (l) x 4cm (w) x 2.2cm (h)

Go-bac Sanitizing Wet Wipes

SKU: IDEA-5227

Ensure your hands are always clean and free from germs with this convenient anti-bacterial wipes 10 anti-bacterial wet wipes
Product Dimension: 15.5cm (l) x 7cm (w) x 1cm (h)

Bac-Free Hand Sanitizer

SKU: IDEA-5230

Hand sanitizer gel
Product Dimension: 9cm (h) x 2.6cm (d)

Easy Travel Hand Sanitizer

SKU: IDEA-63010

Size 11 ( l ) x 7.4 ( w ) x 2.4 ( h )
Material PVC

Protector Sunblock

SKU: IDEA-63015

Size 10.3 ( l ) x 3.8 (w ) x 3 ( h )
bottle: PE

Pearly Sands Sunblock&Hand Sanitizer

SKU: IDEA-63020

Size 17.8 ( h ) x 1.5 (dia )
Material bottle: PP
sunscreen: 5ml • hand sanitizer: 5ml

Bella Beauty Mirror

SKU: IDEA-63030

Size 9.2 ( l ) x 6.5 (w) x 0.2 ( h )
pouch: PU
mirror: iron

Mini Survivor First Aid Kit

SKU: IDEA-63035

Size 11.3 ( l ) x 7.5 ( w ) x 0.5 ( h )
includes 4 x bandages
1 x large bandage
2 x antiseptic towelettes
2 x hand sanitiser gels

One Week Pill Box

SKU: IDEA-6837

Plastic pill case with 7 compartments labelled for the days of the week
Product Dimension: 2cm (h) x 3cm (w) x 15.7cm (l)