Oslo Coffee Mug

SKU: IDEA-0935

With its clean lines and glossed glaze this ceramic mug is the perfect choice for displaying your brand. This type of gift is used frequently throughout the day and thus ensures maximum exposure.
Ceramic Mug
Capacity: 300ml

Product Dimension: 9.5cm x 8cm diameter.

Seattle Coffee Mug

SKU: IDEA-0936

Ceramic mug
330ml capacity
Product Dimension:

The Love Mug

SKU: IDEA-0943

Add a touch of love to your morning cuppa with this gorgeous mug designed with a heart shaped handle.
Dishwasher and Microwave safe

Product Dimension: 9.5cm x 8cm diameter

Vienna Mug

SKU: IDEA-3530

Enjoy your hot drink in style with these funky and modern travel mugs. Each mug features a Thermo tumbler with stainless steel outer and PP inner, secure screw lid and a large thumb slide drink seal, 300ml capacity
Packaged in a stylish gift box

*Due to Health and Safety Regulations we cannot accept sample returns of this item
Product Dimension: 15.5cm x 8cm diameter

Torrent 600ml Water Bottle

SKU: IDEA-4042

BPA free plastic water bottle
600ml capacity
Choose your lid cap from a variety of different colours

*Due to Health and Safety Regulations we cannot accept returns of this item
Product Dimension: 21cm (h) x 7cm diameter

Fresco Drinkbottle

SKU: IDEA-54010

Size 26 ( h )

Wavy double wall Tumbler

SKU: IDEA-54015

Size 15 ( h )

Manhattan Double Wall Tumbler

SKU: IDEA-54017

Size 12 ( h )

Baltic Water Bottle

SKU: IDEA-54019

18.3 ( h )
Material PP

Riviera Water Bottle 500ml

SKU: IDEA-54024

Size 23 ( h )
Capacity 500ml
Material PP

Lingo Coffee Mug

SKU: IDEA-5941

Ceramic Mug
330ml Capacity
Product Dimension: 9.7cm (h)

Whanganui Water Bottle

SKU: IDEA-6290

Tritan screw-top water bottle
BPA Free
Product Dimension: 22cm (h)

Action Water Bottle

SKU: IDEA-6340

400ml Aluminium screw-top water bottle
BPA free
Product Dimension: 17cm (h)

Whimsy Mug

SKU: IDEA-6360

Double-wall plastic travel mug
PP inner
BPA free
Product Dimension: 14.5cm (h)

Colour Changing Mug


This colour-changing mug is the perfect way to display your logo or message in a unique and exciting way. How it works is, the outer layer can be printed with your brand or logo. As you add hot water to the mug, the outer layer colour will change to reveal your brand or logo.
300ml capacity
Not dishwasher safe, hand wash only
Not Microwave safe
Packaged in a white gift box
Product Dimension:

Perfect Canvas Sublimation Mug


Ceramic mug with 300ml capacity is designed to be branded in full colour by a sublimation process.Price includes white gift box and full colour wrap around print.
Not dishwasher safe, hand wash only
Not Microwave safe